UX / UI Design—Spring 2021

A personalized and guided tool for the creative process that realizes designers’ needs for balance and encouragement. Inspired by the Swedish phrase "fika", which represents a moment to slow down & appreciate the good things in life. The experience promotes productivity by providing: structured tasks, healthy boundaries, resources for creative blocks, and a space to appreciate the evolution of one’s creative process.

Ashley Tseng
Lily Murphy
Riley Mehl
Sophie Kim
UX/UI Design

How might we create a tool for creatives that guides them through the creative process, but keeps in mind the need for balance and encouragement, while also creating a space that appreciates the evolution of one's work?
An Organized Start
The dashboard is the home to anything you may need. The fully customizable grid system allows you to organize the content in any way that works for you.

The dashboard features items such as your projects, creativity boosters, wellness logs, personal playlist, and more.

The project overviews are kept simple, by simply showcasing your progress alongside documentation you have taken along the way.
Creativity Boosters
If you're feeling stuck try out a creativity booster activity to get those creative juices flowing again. Activities come in various formats and can be done on any device, or even off screen.
Time to Take a Break
It can be difficult to keep track of time while working hard. Fika will recognize if you've been working for long periods of time and send you a simple notification on whatever device you prefer. Each reminder comes with a few suggested activities you can choose to do during your break. If you're in the groove and don't want to take a break just yet, you can always press snooze.
Wellness Check
Like a good friend, Fika wants to check in on how you're feeling ever so often. If you're not feeling too great, Fika might just have a suggestion on how to help.
Mindfulness Buddy
Need some inspiration or someone to walk you through a breathing activity? Fika can connect to your Google Home and Alexa devices to act as your mindfulness buddy.  If opted-in fika will check in with you throughout your working experience.

The Process is Important
Use any device to document the key parts of your process as time goes on to be able to see how your work has grown.
Celebrate Your Work
After you've put in hours of hard work it's important to celebrate what you created. Fika will take you through a timeline of not only your progress but also reminders of what creativity boosters you completed, activities you did, and general facts about the project.