Intuit Design System

Internship—Summer 2022

Part of having a strong brand across platforms means having a strong design system. With a company as large as Intuit, where there are many smaller design systems within one umbrella system, it can get difficult to ensure everything stays cohesive. This Figma plug-in ensures that every business unit is utilizing the right colors within the IDS color palette.

Lee Nelson
User Testing
UX/UI Design
How might we help guide and inspire designers to effectively utilize the IDS color palette?
Filter For Your Color Need
Have the option to filter the entire palette by business unit, as well as look for recommended colors based on what you need for your design.
Color Profiles
Look at any color in detail to see hex codes, frequenctly used, sample use cases, and color pairs.

Color pairs are different sets of colors that are pre-approved
to be paired with the selected color. Depending on use, an accessible pair might be required. This is depicted through tags that showcase accessibility levels according to WCAG.
Don't know where to start? Use the explore feature to discover company-wide use cases. Search for the type of use case you are interested in or simply filter by business unit.
Get Details
Look at the details behind each use case. Have the ability to export the selected color palette directly to Figma.
Upload Your Own Work
Share your work to the cloud directly from Figma. Before finalizing the upload, the plug-in will double-check in all of the colors used are within the color palette. If not, the closest color value will be suggested in order to correct the palette.