UX / UI Design—Winter 2021

ROAM helps adventurers who are seeking new national park experiences by inspiring them to view and share small sensory moments that cultivate a visceral, yet virtual immersion into park landmarks, provoking them to get out and explore.

Dustin Mara
Edith Freeman
UX/UI Design
Video Editing
After Effects
How might we help national park go-ers find serendipitous and sensory moments to inspire their next park trip?
Focused on showcasing the beautifully wild moments.
Utilizing the Senses
Travel through the explore page by moving through a z-space parallax, allowing you to become enveloped by sensory moments. As you start to scroll not only do imagery and videos get closer and larger, but sounds feel closer and begin to surround you.

Selecting a specific moment causes the imagery to the full screen, allowing you to see even more detail. From there, you can also choose to learn more about where the moment came from.
Searching for a Feeling
The application's extensive tagging system allows you to search for anything—whether it's an emotion, sensation, or color.
Plan a Trip with Collections
Once you find what you're looking for, you can save the moment to any of your personalized collections. Save to a collection to plan for future trips or just simply because you enjoy it.
Share Your Own Moments
Inspire other park go-ers by sharing moments from your own adventures and adding to the vast collection of moments on ROAM.