UX / UI Design—Summer 2020

Today, the need for political education has never been higher. However, informing oneself on politics can be difficult to navigate, overwhelming, and unreliable. As a result, many choose not to voice their opinions. VoiceIt is an app that is meant to help less-educated voters make informed decisions while voting and help them get involved within their communities.

Aoife Dill
Ashten Alexander
Yasmin Daneshjoo
UX/UI Design
Video Editing
After Effects
How might we encourage political engagement by providing young voters with the right tools and information, so that they may effectively vote within their community?
A friendly and easy to user interface that allows users to learn everything they need to know.
Learn and Share Your Opinion
From the home page browse bills or events related to categories you are interested in or view recommended information.

Learn more about specific bills via simplified content breakdowns that allows difficult content to be easier to understand. Also, take the time to read the community discussion sections to learn more from the perspective of others. Or even share your own thoughts!
Explore Different Topics
If you want to learn more about a specific topic that interests you, utilize the explore page to find all kinds of content related to topics of your choosing.

Meet Your Representatives
Learn about your representatives' background, as well as their views and how they align with yours.
Get Involved Further
Take the next step and find local events to participate in to get even more involved within your community.